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Emotionality is a recording of a live performance by Strawberry at Or Gallery’s Dance-a-thon in Vancouver, BC, produced and remixed by Strawberry. Weaving together vocal samples, improvisational sounds, and discordant perspectives, the experimental dance record is a vivid tableau of impressions, bidding listeners to move their bodies among a mass of unruly voices.  Read more →

$25 LP

The Ten Thousand Things (萬物) is both a quantitative number and a shorthand way to refer to the teeming unnameable infinity of existence. Subtending all apparent and sensual things is the Way, which is the seed of what teems; a mobile and mutable emptiness, it pervades within us as the energy of potentiality. The Way's generative unity invites us into an ethos of care without attachment, loosening the stubborn grip of projection and expectation. Read more →

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Lyrics for songs in Interplanetary Machines describe a number of dreams which were told to Carl Jung by his patients in the process of psychoanalysis, and later detailed in Jung’s pivotal book Flying Saucers: a modern myth of things seen in the skies (1959). Jung considers sightings of UFOs, whether in dreams or in waking life, to be a psychic phenomena, “visionary rumors”, a techno-utopian desire that manifests in visions, and a fantastic projection of salvation and meaning onto the unknown. Read more →

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Desire was recorded intermittently over the winter of 2018/2019 at studios in Vancouver and Winnipeg, and mixed/mastered by Jay Arner. The first release under the name Fortunato Durutti Marinetti, Desire also marks a distinct shift towards greater collaboration and expanded instrumentation: violin, cello, keys and backing vocals feature prominently. Lyrically the album draws on such sources as Joan Didion, Chris Marker films, Georges Battaile, FASTWÜRMS, Chris Kraus, and Paul Auster in order to ruminate on desire as something both joyful and painful. Read more →

$25 LP

Centered on a 7-day Thoth tarot reading that took place through the winter solstice of 2017, the full length vinyl record LP explores layers of divination, symbolism, manifestation, destruction, and healing. Grass Drama layers together bedroom folk recordings, medieval composition sensibilities, timbres and textures from Chinese soap operas, and midi orchestration. Originally shown at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver. It is accompanied by a companion record of selected installation sound works shown between 2014-2018. Read more →

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